5 Reasons to Hire an Interior Designer for Remodel Projects


Many people think that hiring an interior designer will be too expensive, or that they’d lose control of their own project. This is not true. When you work with a designer, you are more likely to meet your budget and on time. You are much less likely to make expensive mistakes, in addition, and since you have an expert working with you, they will make sure the end result is exactly what you were hoping for therfore saving you not only time, but stress, headaches, and money. Also, designers can open you up to style choices you might not have conceived on your own.

Whether you’re making small upgrades or going for a full overhaul, a bathroom renovation is usually the first thing people think of and it can make a big difference in the feel of your home (and its future resale value). So it’s no wonder that along with the kitchen, this practical space often takes top priority when it comes time for bathroom interior design.

Ok so…5 reasons to hire an interior designer for remodeling projects. 

1. Budgeting and Planning

A designer can keep you on budget and save you time and effort. A designer knows where to go for resources for everything related to your home. This will save you endless amounts of time researching products, brands, and prices. A designer will have all this readily on hand, and should he/she not, will spend the time researching so that you don’t have to. That, in itself, is the main reason.

2. Avoid Expensive Mistakes

Not only are designers trained on how to create a functional, beautiful space – they know how to prevent pricey design mistakes. A designer’s knowledge of the process streamlines your project and saves you on costly mistakes. Interior designers help clients navigate the difference between a trend and a concept that endures. 

3. Expert

Designers have the benefit of formal education and years of experience working in the design industry and unfortunately, no amount of online research can replace those lessons learned through real-life experience. Professionals can advise against costly mistakes, and associated frustration and wasted time. They’ll help you find quality materials and pieces that will hold up to your lifestyle. The professionals know to check your door width to make sure the new sofa can be delivered through the front door, they know recommended offsets and grout widths for laying tile, and know which materials work best for families with pets or kids.

I personally recommend New York’s finest: Bryant Keller.

“New York designer Bryant Keller’s specialty is creating the kind of bedroom that makes you feel a little sleepy just by looking at it…” 

Apartment Therapy

4. Vision

Interior designers aim to be the most innovative and customer-oriented designers that are able to interpret and translate a client’s vision into design expressions that are both distinctive and practical. Imagine if you could hire someone to scour your Pinterest boards and translate your pins into a perfectly decorated room in your home. That’s what you get with a professional interior designer. 

5. Time

The most important thing besides the cost of renovation is the amount of time spent on it. Besides saving you money, a designer can also save you much needed time by putting you in touch with a reliable remodeling company, cleaning company, and other professional contacts in the industry. A professional designer already knows the industry and should know how to get things fast and apply techniques that will cut down on time while keeping the quality. They can also anticipate any obstacles and deal with any difficulties that may be thrown your way.  

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