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Major savings on DELL!

I have to admit, I am an Apple product baby. It’s almost like religion. But…most of my family is not. I was told that I

Christmas Socks came just in time!

I FOUND THEM! I’m probably too excited about this…but you know, it’s the little things in life that can create a world of HAPPINESS!  

What is Zumper?

With job loss and a housing crisis on the rise in most states, a lot of renters are downsizing.  Renters are trying to move and make the

ebay All Day!

Okay, I told you guys that I would warn you of more upcoming savings, as we move toward the holiday season. Here I am!  I’m just

Under Armour Coupon Deals!

Calling all my Under Armour Fitness Fans!  The 2020 holiday shopping season seems to have already started and we are only at Labor Day sales! Amazon


Farm Life in 2020? Over this holiday vacation, and while driving into other states, the discussion about farmers came up with Michigan friends and I