We caught up with Tamela D’Amico who is a multi-talented actress, singer, songwriter, filmmaker, and producer based in Los Angeles. She is also the CEO of BELLONA Entertainment and a beauty and wellness content creator.

Tamela has appeared in numerous films, television shows, and stage productions and has released several albums, including “Got a Little Story,” which features songs inspired by her experiences as an actress and performer. Her most recent single, “Boring 2os,” was released in 2022 on Spotify, SoundCloud, You’Tube, and on many other platforms where, in its first two weeks, the single received 103,867 streams.

TikTokers loved it so much, the song went viral.

With her talent and versatility, Tamela D’Amico is a force to be reckoned with in the entertainment industry. In this interview, Tamela talks about her work as a brand ambassador with Goli, her big Italian wedding, and all things beauty. We can’t wait to see what she’ll do next.

It’s been about 10 years since we first met, and the first thing I remember about you is your love for all things beauty. Most importantly, organic beauty. Where did that come from?

My mother and aunts were very glamorous to me growing up, and still are, especially when we have family events. Mom taught me a lot about simple beauty tricks-most noted, do not mess with your eyebrows when you are young!—and how to care for my sensitive, fair skin.

Because I am sensitive to most mass-marketed items in the beauty industry, she dubbed me as “delicata.” And I am delicate in a lot of ways. I don’t react well to anything synthetic. So she taught me about natural products which essentially were organic before it was fashionable to declare such things. Whole kernel coconut oils and shea butters as well as natural sunscreens and mineral makeup have always been in my arsenal. I believe in trying to only purchase from companies that pride themselves on high-quality organic ingredients, sustainability, and being culturally responsible and cruelty-free, while also being cool and luxurious. Glamour is all perception and presentation. You look as good as you feel. And when you don’t feel good, believe that you do and let that spark fly out of your eyes. It helps to have great products on your skin.

I look to ladies who came before all of us for inspiration.

There are two Sophia Loren quotes, which I live by: “Sex appeal is 50 percent what you’ve got and 50 percent what people think you’ve got,” and “There is a fountain of youth: it is your mind, your talents, the creativity you bring to your life and the lives of people you love. When you learn to tap this source, you will truly have defeated age.” Both are 100 percent true for me and in this business that we call “show?” I adore every bit of it, even the bullshit. You have to be as soft as silk to enter it and as tough as nails to stay in it.

Congratulations on your big fat Italian wedding! What was that special day like for you? How did you balance it all, and how are you balancing married life?

Thank you so much. Planning the wedding before, during, and after was such a whirlwind. And even at 200 people, that was small for my family. Our guest list was very difficult to create, and we did not get to invite a lot of friends who have become family. My family is a good size on its own, but we had to have a cap someplace. The wedding was in October 2022, and we still have not had time to look at the wedding videos or photos properly. But I hope to get to that soon. We had been living together prior to the wedding, between two homes over the pandemic, and people always ask, “What is the difference? Do you feel different since you got married?” Marriage solidifies the unspoken bond between two people. It elevates all. I love it. Now we are planning our big fat Italian honeymoon!

Fill us in on Goli, the gummy supplements. You’ve been working with them for quite some time. What are your favorite supplements from their line and why? Do you feel a difference in taking their supplements?

Goli Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies will always be my absolute favorite gummy and how I learned about the company! I started taking Goli supplements before I began working with them. The reason being that I am such an infant; I cannot swallow pills. My husband says it is psychosomatic and I guess it kind of is, but I physically have trouble swallowing vitamins or any pain relievers that are not in gummy form. We think this stems from me choking as a child and my mother having to save me with the Heimlich maneuver, more than once, so my fears are warranted. Finding actual healthy-made supplements that worked and that were also in gummy form, as an adult, was a huge moment for me. I loved the products so much that I began working with them and have since become one of their top influencers. I tried a lot of other brands on the market, and I was thrilled when the company branched out to other gummies. I literally rely on Goli’s immune gummies for overall support, as well as Superfruits, Supergreens, and Dreamy Sleep Gummies.

They are soon to come out with a PMS support gummy which I can’t wait to try.

They all taste really fantastic—I have to constantly remind myself that they have a specific dosage-and I did a lot of trial and error with each one by starting and stopping to make sure that I was actually receiving health benefits when on them. It’s been three years now and I am on board! Hair, skin, nails, energy, health, sleep… all 100! I have a supplement wheel that I spin every morning and cannot wait to take my gummies. That says a lot.

You can find my deep discounts each month at home goli. com/TamelaDAmico or by going to goli.com and typing code TamelaDAmico at checkout —sometimes up to 60% off.

What are a few other nutritional products that you can recommend that are must haves?

My other fave product that I cannot live without is GEST’s drinkable collagen called SKINMUNE SIPS. Of course, I have a discount code for this too! Once I love a product, I want to know more about it, how it’s made, and I try to work with the company. GEST is created and run by women and is so far the only drinkable collagen on the market that works for me. I have tried many! They have been selling out a lot, so I have had the opportunity to go off of it, and the results on and off were dramatic. It’s a 28-day sip packet of collagen that tastes like grapefruit. It has been clinically proven. You can immediately rip and sip a packet daily or mix it with your preferred beverage or food. Sometimes I drink it as a warm tea. The key ingredients benefit every layer of your skin, boost your immunity, and help protect you against sun damage. You can find it here at justgest.com and use code TAMELA at checkout for 10% off.

What is a regular day typically like for you? How are wellness and beauty incorporated into your daily routine?

Every day for me is different as a multi-hyphenated talent in the way of what my business responsibilities are, but my health rituals are pretty much consistent. Hot water with Meyer lemon in the morning; my supplements; a healthy, brisk walk or hike; and I love my life on the Blue Zone diet which is just a Mediterranean way of eating. Other than that, cardio barre and yoga are my exercise activities of choice. I have pretty much been a vegan or vegetarian my whole life but have now reinstituted some fish. I have used Epicuren skin care all of my adult life and wear sunscreen and a fulvic acid-based moisturizing cream almost every day and, of course, try to drink the most water I can consistently. That’s always the chase.

Let’s switch gears and talk about your music.

You recently released an electro swing track called, “Boring 20s.” Do you plan on releasing more tracks soon? Maybe a techno jazz track? Does that exist?

“Boring 20s,” in essence, is sort of a techno jazz track as it is in the genre electro swing. Electro swing, or sometimes called swing house, is a genre of electronic dance music that basically combines vintage/modern swing jazz mixed with house/hip hop and a DJ. You have seen a lot of people on TikTok dancing to this. It is high energy and fun. I believe we will release a remix of “Boring 20s” this year, in 2023. After all, the “20s are here for a bit! You can find us wherever fine music is streamed and sold.

You are the CEO of BELLONA Entertainment. Can you talk about projects you’re working on? Are there any Italian stories that you’d love to produce?

I had written, produced, and directed a short film about my dad coming to America from Sicily as a boy, called “Volare,” that essentially launched my directing career professionally, and maybe I would like to turn that into a series of feature in the future, as well as other stories about my family and Italian heritage.

BELLONA has a lot of stuff in development and, if it is not out in the public, I typically don’t disclose any info. This is a tentative, fickle business.

I still think you would make a great Cher. Any chance you could let her know that you’re ready to play her —practically born ready?

As much as I would love that, I don’t think Cher has me on her radar yet.

  • Christina Rosas Anastasiou

Christina Rosas Anastasiou, is a fashion and beauty expert, entertainment writer, and personality.

Christina publishes stories to forecast new talent, spot new fashion designers, and trends for Felix Magazine. She’s been on Hollywood’s hottest red carpets as a red carpet producer, publicist, and correspondent. Christina created the Red Carpet Style & Beauty Page for the Hollywood Weekly, and was an entertainment & fashion correspondent with the first premiere Latino entertainment source, Latin Heat.com. She’s appeared as a fashion expert on the Latina web talk show “Let’s Talk.” Christina has been featured in The Arizona Republic’s Style section and K-CAL CBS. In 2012, she was nominated for a Shorty Award, which honors producers of Short Content in Social Media.

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