ByTamela.com – I started a jewelry line!


The jewelry I wear defines my personality, just as it does for most of us.

For me, it was always tough to find that amazing ring that fit my super-slim fingers. It broke my heart to fall in love with a design, but never find the luck to actually wear it because it didn’t fit properly. I was fed up with all the return, replacements and resizing I always had to do. 

It has always been my dream to create my own rings and after collaborating WithJK.com, I am happy to announce that I have I created my own jewelry line!

I found exceptionally-skilled jewelry designers at WithJK from Barcelona, Spain and Australia who are committed to ethical practices and fine craftsmanship to bring my visions to life. All designs come in a choice of 8 different precious metals so you have a lot to choose from to fit your budget.

My jewelry is proudly made with 3D-printing. This cuts out the middlemen, besides adding a personal touch to every jewelry piece I make for you. Yes you can read that again!  It’s 3D-printed.  How cool is that!!!!

We sell directly to you, regardless of how odd or uneven your sizing request is. Every ring is made-to-order and customized for YOUR fingers!




I see hearts everywhere I look.  The clouds, the pavement, the trees. “With kisses to build dreams on…” is my signature tag line and thus I have named this ring after myself. A minimalist design with a heart-full-of-love, Tamela is my bespoke ring. It is inspired by the love I see and want to spread. Tamela ring is a celebration of hearts inscribed with a blessing for all the lovers. Cozy and stylish, Tamela creates a lovely metallic aura around your fingers. Spread the love!

La Strega

A Strega girl is known as an enchantress who has the magical powers to “bewitch you” with all that she does, to make dreams come true. La Strega adds a sophisticated flair to any outfit, while offering comfort during long-term wear. Minimalist and exquisite, the curves on La Strega sparkle like a star. Light up your looks with La Strega and feel like the goddess you are!

La Stella

I love this design as it is so strong and feminine at the same time. Boldly gorgeous, La Stella is a statement piece. Made for those with a fine aesthetic style, La Stella is a timeless treasure. Every cut on La Stella turns into a golden shimmer that dares you to impress and reach for the stars!!

La Diva

Everyone wants to feel like royalty. Now, look regal too. La Diva is an aesthetically intricate ring fit for royalty. The golden intertwining coils on the ring are polished for a radiant shine with an old-world-glamour. It snugly fits around your fingers and will surely get you noticed. Pair it with your favorite outfit, La Diva rocks with any ensemble. Here is a way you can wear your crown every day!


Since I was a child, I have believed in magic.  I would search for the lucky four-leaf clovers outside in my childhood garden for hours. A nature-inspired design, Fortunata ring makes the ethereal real. It is carefully constructed to feature the silhouette of the four-leaf-clover to add magic to your style. The lucky clover ring beautifies your fingers while offering comfort whether you’re going out or staying in. Here’s hoping this ring brings you or your special someone LUCK!

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