Christmas Socks came just in time!



I’m probably too excited about this…but you know, it’s the little things in life that can create a world of HAPPINESS!  

I love getting new socks! And I love dressing up for Christmas.  I have been searching for a sock company that makes extra long Holiday themed socks for my extra long legs for quite some time.  

They have all kinds of Christmas socks on their site, but the ones I was looking for were thigh high and green and I found them along with other super fun ones at Chrissy’s Socks! You can see them in my blog banner…that’s me! And also at the bottom of this post.  The green ones literally are my favorite.

You don’t have to have long legs to appreciate these socks, you just have to love knee socks and thigh high socks like I do.  I got four pairs, two thigh high, one in green solid and the other red striped and then two knee high socks, one in black with red double stripe and one in green argyle.  As mentioned, these socks are super fun and are also a great gift. Wishing you all the best and fun this Holiday season.  Go get your socks!

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