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"Tamela D’Amico’s “Love and the Gun” helps bring to life the relationship between Pitt and Arianda’s characters through powerful vocals and her 1920s styled music video is a clever nod at a couple who seem to be living in a different time. Part old school mob shake down, part western shown down, Rob The Mob takes on the mob through the eyes of a couple that only seem to have eyes for each other and D’Amico brings their passion to life through her music." - Allison Loring, Fan.TV


"I found a “Love and the Gun” video on You Tube from the Rob The Mob soundtrack. The performance by Tamela D’Amico is captivating. Timeless. As I watched I realized it is a mini movie that ran over the end credits. Brilliant." - Alice O'Neill, LA Features

"Punctuating the film throughout are various versions of Stephen Endelman’s original song Love and the Gun, a quietly epic retro-anthem sung by soon-to-be revealed secret superstar Tamela D’Amico." - Mike Benheim, Metro Canada

"Her sex appeal and style is reminiscent of Mina, the ‘60’s Italian singer, with a voice and moves that will melt your gelato." - Broadwayworld

"With a Billie Holliday-like voice and a back up big band of luminaries, Tamela D'Amico sings up a storm and delivers an enchanting performance on her new album. Chris Walden's arrangements of the fine music selection puts the shine on this gem of a recording." -- Ed Blanco, Sunday Morning Jazz Cafe, WDNA 88.9 FM Miami

"Through musical history, certain people were destined to perform a certain style of song. Mick Jagger was born to rock. Bing Crosby's destiny was to croon. Buck Owens was meant to twang. From the first time we watched her perform, it was clear Tamela D'Amico was sent to this earth to swing, sway, and swoon." -- Brad Chambers, The Standard Media Group

"With a lush voice, lyrical phrasings, and sumptuous orchestral arrangements, Tamela D'Amico brings these standards to life and makes them her own." -- Holly Foster-Wells, President, Peggy Lee Enterprises

“Tamela D´Amico is no mere canary or foil for the big band. She has one of those voices that doesn´t sidle shyly up and ask respectfully for your attention. It swoops in and insists that you listen. One minute it´s powerful and keening. The next it´s intimate and conversational, in half-past midnight mode, cards on the table time.” -- Piers Ford, The Art of the Torch Singer

“Her cover of contemporary Ann Hampton Callaway's "Perfect" showcases D'Amico's gift for interpreting lyrics, wrapping her silky voice around its delicately beautiful words. She also treats listeners to a swinging version of "And I Love Her (Him)," reinterpreting the song as a '40s era standard. The band shines on the bossa nova classic "Perfidia," couching her high voice in rich bass and a gently swaying beat. In addition to evoking quiet romance, she can also strut through standards such as Peggy Lee's "He's A Tramp," adding her own sexy spin on the lyrics.”– Kit O´Toole, BlogCritics

"Ms. D'Amico´s formidable talent – brassy, sassy and swinging. She knows what she can do as a singer, and pushes that to the limit. The result is exuberance and verve – a style that sets her apart from all of the other young women out there today". - Doug Boynton, Girl Singers UK