It is a fairly safe to say that multi-talented, New York born songbird, Tamela D’Amico, set the bar pretty high with the release of her debut album, ‘Got A Little Story’, executive-produced by actor/producer Peter Krause(Parenthood, Six Feet Under, 911), produced by 6 time Grammy Award winner Jimmy Hoyson, and arranged by Multi Grammy nominee Chris Walden at Capitol Records.

Tamela D’Amico

Not being a huge follower of the current Swing or Jazz movements, I found myself holding the release of Tamela D’Amico’s latest single ‘Boring 20’s’, with a slight sense of apprehension, wondering what I might discover beyond the inviting cover art. Well…it was love at first listen.

It is an immaculately crafted single, which Tamela co-composed with producer Wolfgang Lohr, and singer-songwriter Ashley Slater. Lohr smartly  weaved together all the sonic glisten and gloss, while Slater knitted the narrative with his usual lyrical panache. Both being giants in their respective fields. Curiously, they worked via email, from 3 different countries, and never spoke live until the product was finished.

It must have been some kind of magical formula, as ‘Boring 20’s’ set my ears alight. The electro-swing beat ringing through to my music-loving core, with a deliciously sweet and nostalgic melody, a thick rhythm and some of the most infectious hooks heard on a release in the past few years.

It is a groove-driven, carefree whisk through a blend of classic music styles with just the right ingredients taken from the modern electronic bag of tricks, to make this single a potential commercial hit, for pop loving audiences as well as Jazz and Swing aficionados.

Wolfgang Lohr

Tamela D’Amico looks all set to tease the world with her smoldering good looks and memorable single, bursting with nostalgically coated pizazz, a seductive horn section and a hip-swaying rhythm.

Right from the get-go, ‘Boring 20’s’ lights up with its momentous, radio-friendly quality. The big band scented tune with a sugary filling of piano tinkering, bouncing basslines and a fantastic horn arrangement, is the prefect foundation for Tamela’s whimsical vocal delivery.

‘Boring 20’s’ is a spectacular release from Tamela D’Amico. Overflowing with glitz, glamour and a nod to the golden age of Jazz and Swing, but with an ultra-modern twist, the track is sure to keep her star burning bright in a rather dull and repetitive music scene.

A strong, confident example of what is perfect about the electro-swing genre, this fresh, crisp groove fueled and energetic gem will stick with you from the first listen. The fiery enthusiasm that is laced throughout ‘Boring 20’s’ is what totally grips you, and draws you into Tamela’s storytelling.

Ashley Slater

Tamela D’Amico sways throughout the record showing of her passionately flawless vocals, perfectly matching Wolfgang Lohr’s immaculate production precision and superlative musical arrangement.

‘Boring 20’s’ is officially described as “a track that reflects lockdown thoughts while inviting us to celebrate the new-old “normal” and get back on the dancefloor,” but musically it actually represents a whole lot more than that if you dig a little deeper.

A charming, charismatic performer, Tamela D’Amico is one of a kind. She possesses a warm, well-controlled voice, which never sounds too harsh, ear-piercing or abrasive. Throughout the course of ‘Boring 20’s’, Tamela D’Amico uses her electro-swing template as a means to capture the extreme ends of sound, rhythm and emotion. It’s the sound of an artist completely at home in the niche she’s carved out for herself.


Lead Vocals: Tamela D’Amico

Backing Vocals: Ashley Slater

Arranger: Wolfgang Lohr & Ashley Slater

Mixing Engineer: Wolfgang Lohr

Mastering Engineer: Gavin Lurssen (lurssenmastering.com)

Vocal Engineer: Eric Sorensen


Cover Photography: Eric Sorensen

Hair and Makeup for Cover art: Autumn Skibinski

Cover art Graphic Design: Paul Thiele

Cover artwork




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