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I took the above picture because it is what my bedside table currently looks like.  I’m trying to decide on a new scent.  Most people wear their fragrance as a signature.  Something that is theirs alone. I know that when I’m asked what the name of my perfume is, I always say that I can’t remember the name because, frankly…I don’t want anyone else to have my…”signature”. Nowadays, I have been on the hunt for a light organic and non-toxic fragrance and have tried many on the market. So truly, most of the time, I actually can’t remember the name of what I am currently wearing because I rely mainly upon light essential oils that I find at health food stores or natural body washes that I randomly find at spas and then use up and toss into the recycling bin.  I am sensitive to most bottled and commercially known synthetic fragrances.

When I was a child, there was a short period of time when my mother switched her fragrance and each time she had an event to go to and I was to be left with a babysitter, she would come in to say goodnight before heading out and her perfume would literally make me ill, unbeknownst to her;  I would get nauseaus and sometimes actually get sick after she left, and other times before she had a chance to, often ruining her plans. Little did she know at the time, I was getting sick because I was chemically sensitive to her perfume of choice, which at that time was Giorgio Beverly Hills. I’m happy to say that she moved on from that scent shortly thereafter.  Into adulthood, I am adamant about reading labels and what I put on or in my body.  Even the slightest scent can trigger a migraine for me. Due to my issues with chemical sensitivity, I was happy to learn about SKYLAR, a female founded fragrance company developed by scent enthusiast Cat Chen, former executive at Jessica Alba’s The Honest Company.

SKYLAR is a very crisp and clean fragrance line developed by Chen that does not contain toxic chemicals. When Chen began her research on hypoallergenic fragrances,  she became pregnant with her daughter (a time when women sometimes become even more sensitive to smells in general), but her interest and demand to find a safe perfume grew when she learned that her daughter was allergic to her perfumes. Soon after, Chen created  Skylar which boasts fragrances that are free of parabens, phthalates, glycol, animal products, artificial dyes, and other allergenic ingredients found in many successful perfume lines.  If people knew what they were putting on their skin (our body’s largest organ), they might think twice about doing so.  According to Environmental Working Group, “Companies that manufacture personal care products are required by law to list the ingredients they use, but fragrances and trade-secret formulas are exempt.”  So, in short, most people have no idea what is in their fragrance.  And at some point, that may present a problem. 

The brand sales for SKYLAR are skyrocketing and they currently offer six scents that you can try in a perfume palette before you commit to a full bottle.  It is a sampling service where you can pay $20 to try vials of all six scents offered.  What makes this line different from others, beyond the non-toxic factor, is that you can customize your own scent by layering them.  These scents are designed to be mixed and matched and the possibilities are seriously endless.  My current fave that I wear by itself is Capri; a scent that lives in the land of citrus infused heaven.  The other scents are as follows:  Isle, a second fave of mine, as it is clean fresh and ocean inspired;  Coral, another citrus inspired scent but more on the juicy fruit side; Arrow,  my third fave because it is a warm and spicy blend with notes of vanilla; Meadow, a light orange blossom floral; and Willow, probably the only scent I did not love on its own, but it blends well with Capri if you feel like having an earthy green scent.  I am super impressed with this line so far, as I have had no adverse reactions.  It will be difficult to choose which bottle I actually end up going with as a main scent but…it’s looking like Capri. One thing is for sure…SKYLAR is leading the way on clean fragrance and I am here for it.  So, if you are chemically sensitive like me, give this palette a shot and see if any of it works for you! If you do, let me know your thoughts below.  Happy Summer! 

 – With kisses to build dreams on…xx Tamela

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